Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is a multi-purpose thermal insulation material. It is used in manufacturing modern and high performance thermal insulation material THERMIT XPS, THERMIT SP construction boards and THERMIT S sandwich panels.

Extrusion method allows attaining from polystyrene feedstock and special additives a homogeneous microstructure with closed impermeable cells which are filled with gas. Such structure ensures low thermal conductivity, humidity resistance and high durability.

THERMIT XPS is an excellent thermal insulation material. It has got the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity among thermal insulation materials used in building. Application of THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene as an insulation material allows saving money on heating (as it implies a low heating demand), reducing the weight of engineering structures, lowering consumption of other building materials and extending the service life of engineering structures.

Field of application

In today’s world where energy supply costs increase day by day application of thermal insulation materials is absolutely indispensable. Due to complex thermal insulation of the building you can save up to 70% of energy on heating. No other measures but thermal insulation allow saving such an amount of energy and therefore of money.

Moreover, if walls, basement and roof aren’t exposed to temperature differentials, their service life is much longer. Application of modern materials allows reducing the weight of engineering structures, which makes building cheaper and faster.

THERMIT XPS thermal insulation is widely used in civil engineering, industrial and transport construction. Using THERMIT XPS you can insulate both buildings under construction and existing buildings and constructions.

Using THERMIT XPS is the most rational solution in extreme conditions such as low temperatures, high humidity, ground and vegetation contact, high load of surfaces and high compression load.

Efficient thermal insulation allows creating a favorable microclimate in premises which is extremely important in both residential buildings and public places. THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene is chemically inert and does not emit any harmful substances. Its application complies with all relevant hygiene codes and regulations for residential buildings and public places.

In industrial construction THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene of higher density (grade 45) is used. It is the most efficient solution for road, railroad beds and airport runways thermal insulation, thermal insulation of heavy duty floors and gas and oil pipelines.




High heat transmission resistance

Extruded polystyrene has got the lowest thermal conductivity among thermal insulation materials used in building. Moreover, high humidity and direct contact with water do not change significantly THERMIT XPS coefficient of thermal conductivity.

Zero capillarity and no water absorption

In conditions of high humidity – basement, roof or facade thermal insulation any other material gains moisture which can reduce several times its thermal insulation properties. THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene has got zero capillarity and insignificant water absorption, so it is perfectly efficient where other materials do not withstand a season.

Durability and rigidity

THERMIT XPS boards have got high flexing strength which allows installing them even on a sand base. High compression strength makes them indispensable for flooring and roofing, especially for accessible roof area. Unlike mineral wool, this material does not sag in time and, unlike foam plastic or polyurethane foam, it does not crumble.

Easy transportation and installation

Perfect shape of THERMIT XPS boards makes their installation easy and reduces labour input. Extremely light weight of XPS boards ensures their easy transportation, portage and installation. Due to their light weight and durability, insulating buildings with THERMIT XPS boards does not impose much load on load bearing structures. Processing a board is very easy, too. It may be cut with a cutting blade or with a saw without dust which is extremely harmful for respiratory system.

High frost-resistance and long working life

THERMIT XPS board retains its properties after multiple freezing and thawing. It is resistant to ageing, and its service life is not less than 50 years, even in the conditions of the far North.


THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene boards are low-flammable, self-extinguishing materials which do not cause inflammation on the surface. It makes them non-hazardous to use in residential areas.

Biological stability

THERMIT XPS is a chemically inert ecologically friendly insulation material. It is possible to use THERMIT XPS in direct contact with ground and vegetation, as extruded polystyrene is resistant to both fungi and insects.