THERMIT SP construction boards represent a construction material for wet area and facade finishing. THERMIT SP construction boards are made of THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene boards, reinforced with fiberglass mesh and polymer-cement sealer.

THERMIT SP construction board is remarkable not only because of its thermal insulation properties. It is as well an excellent base for constructions which need finishing – walls, partition walls, floors and ceilings. THERMIT SP construction boards are easy to install and process. It is possible to make roundings with the help of board incisions to create columns, arches or steps.

This material is perfect for wet areas and facades due to its minimum water intake. THERMIT SP construction board will not crumble, soak or warp of humidity. Neither fungi nor condensate will appear on it.

Field of application

Field of application of these boards varies depending on thickness. Boards 10mm thick are used for leveling surfaces, creating perfectly level base for finishing (wallpapers, tiles, mosaics or painting). THERMIT SP construction boards 20-30mm thick are used for floor leveling and insulation, for heated floor installation. Boards in 50mm thickness are perfect for partition walls building. To finish facades you may use 20 to 50mm boards depending on purpose.

Field of application of THERMIT SP construction boards:

  • Interior finishing (floor and walls leveling)
  • Simultaneous facade insulation and finishing
  • Simultaneous loggias and balconies insulation and finishing
  • Bathroom, SPA-salon or other wet area interior
  • Interior structures and partition walls
  • Heated floor installation

Modern bathroom interior can be totally designed with THERMIT SP construction boards. It allows leveling walls and floor for tiles or mosaics, hiding utility lines into decorative boxes with hatches, making bath screens, kitchen sink units, light-weight shelves and even benches.

Using THERMIT SP construction boards you can make various interior constructions such as shelves, mobile drawer units, shelve stands, pillars, display stands, steps, boxes, columns and tables. Apart from private interiors THERMIT SP construction board is suitable for commercial buildings interiors, especially where moisture-resistant material with long working life is needed. It is much easier to make furniture and finishing for saunas, hamams, SPA-salons or bath-houses using THERMIT SP construction boards than by means of any other materials.

For pipeline insulation we produce THERMIT SP Roll with pre-made incisions. Thermal insulation keeps pipelines from freezing in winter and protects them from overheating in summer. It also provides efficient condensate and rust (which are usually caused by high humidity) protection.



Humidity resistance

THERMIT SP construction boards are extremely efficient in wet areas (bathroom, kitchen) as due to their material – extruded polystyrene – they have minimum water absorption and zero capillarity.

Durability and long working life

Flexible and high tensile strength reinforcing mesh allows THERMIT SP construction boards to stand high wind and hydrothermal loads and mechanical stimuli caused by shrinkage. Polymer-cement sealer covering THERMIT SP construction boards gives the coating especially high plasticity, helping avoid shrinkage cracks.

Level surface

THERMIT SP construction boards have got perfectly level surface and are ready for finishing, as they do not require plasterworks. After you installed THERMIT SP construction boards on a wall or on the floor, you may start finishing straight after drying-out of the adhesive or mortar.

Cutting and installing simplicity

For cutting and installing only common instruments are used. You can use a cutting blade or a saw. Boards may be stuck to the wall with adhesive, installed with raw plugs directly on a wall, and, if needed, on a wooden or metal frame.

Easy to round

Construction boards allow creating forms of different radii and curvilinear forms for unique interior design. THERMIT SP construction board is easy to round to any radius just by making incisions and bending the board. This property is in-demand in interior and furniture design, indoor and facade finishing.


THERMIT SP construction boards have got very high breaking and compression strength. Their exceptional compression strength allows using THERMIT SP construction boards even for heavy duty floors. You can also install a floor heating system directly on THERMIT SP construction boards.

Light weight

THERMIT SP construction boards are 7 times lighter than gypsum plasterboard, so one man can easily take them to the flat. Light weight of THERMIT SP construction boards is a very important property for wooden-framed house building, as they hardly create any load on basement in finishing one — or two-storey building.

Excellent thermal insulation properties

Material of the board — extruded polystyrene — has got the lowest thermal conductivity among all the thermal insulation materials used in building. Board 2 cm thick provides the same level of heat protection as a wooden wall 25 cm thick; furthermore, it is incomparably lighter.