Pipeline thermal insulation represents a construction board coated on one side and with pre-made incisions of calculated depth, depending on insulated pipe diameter. THERMIT SP ROLL is used for pipes soundproofing and heat-insulation. Boards have got reveal edges on the whole perimeter which help avoid cold bridges.

THERMIT SP ROLL can be used in areas where manufacturing processes require high cleanliness: in pharmaceutical, food and microbiological industry, in high-precision electronics manufacturing. Unlike segments and semi-cylinders, each THERMIT SP ROLL board totally enfolds a pipe and is conveniently fixed by polymer tape or a steel ring. In case of necessity you may easily remove the board and use it again.

This heat-insulation is convenient to handle and doesn’t take much space at a warehouse or during transportation. THERMIT SP ROLL can be used in winter; this thermal insulation allows reducing installation time and requires less operatives. THERMIT SP ROLL thermal insulation efficiently prevents pipes from freezing and protects them due to structural stiffness of the surface layer.