of modern construction materials

Modern construction materials make construction fast, cost-effective and efficient, reduce costs of buildings and structures maintenance and increase their service life.

Low-rise housing construction

Cheap accommodation is becoming the most in-demand. At the same time low-rise housing construction is developing at a fast pace. Using efficient thermal insulation and decoration materials in erection of low-rise buildings can significantly reduce construction time, construction materials and workforce costs.

Basement thermal insulation

Extruded polystyrene is the only material which can be used for basement insulation. Among its outstanding properties are its resistance to biological impact of soil (doesn’t rot) and very low water intake. Using XPS for insulation and damp proofing of basements and ground floors is documented by the Federal Agency for Construction and HCS of the RF (Rosstroy).

Floor thermal insulation

THERMIT XPS Thermal insulation and THERMIT SP construction boards are suitable for thermal insulation of ground floors and floors erected immediately on the foundation base, thermal insulation and sound proofing of intermediate floors, installing heated floor (where insulating layer is obligatory required), thermal protection of heavy duty floors: at warehouses, motor transport services, industrial estates and ice rinks.

Wet areas finishing

In wet areas such as bathrooms, SPA-salons, swimming-pools or hamams traditional construction materials can get wet and deteriorate. For long life and durable wet areas finish use THERMIT SP construction boards. For bathroom thermal insulation use THERMIT XPS.

Interior finish

THERMIT SP construction boards are used to level the walls, for thermal insulation on the inside of the walls and for building partition walls and interior forms. THERMIT XPS thermal insulation can be used for thermal insulation of the inside surface of the walls, too. THERMIT S sandwich panels are applied in window and door reveals finish.

Facade thermal insulation and finishing

THERMIT XPS covered with siding, wood or metal is used for thermal insulation of facades. If plastering is needed after insulation it is reasonable to use THERMIT SP construction boards which represent a finished wet facade and is ready for decoration.

Loggia thermal insulation

THERMIT XPS allows you to forget about freezing, mold or condensation on your loggia. To accelerate finishing use THERMIT SP construction board instead of XPS. For loggia or balcony opaque filling on the outside THERMIT S sandwich panels coated with PVC are used.

Roof thermal insulation

Installing roof thermal insulation allows reduce heating costs for the whole building, especially if the space under the roof is used for living space (mansard roofs). THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene does not gain moisture and consequently keeps its thermal insulating properties during all the roof lifetime.

Industrial engineering

THERMIT XPS suits perfectly for basement, floor and wall insulation of industrial buildings and for inverted and lightweight roof construction. Its excellent thermal insulation properties in combination with light weight and high durability allow reducing commercial buildings construction costs. THERMIT SP is suitable for finish in commercial buildings with high humidity. THERMIT S sandwich panel is used for office finish and for making signs and outdoor advertising.

Cold bridge elimination

“Cold bridges” are sections through the fabric of significantly lower thermal resistance than the rest of the construction. These are interpanel joints of the house, concrete floors, roof woodworks of pitched roofs, corners of buildings, windows and doors. Through such cold bridges buildings lose heat. The intelligent solution is to eliminate cold bridges using THERMIT XPS extruded polystyrene on the inside or outside of the building.

Pipeline insulation

THERMIT SP Roll is used to insulate pipelines serving to transport products under +75°C temperature. The pipe is totally enfolded into the board fixed by stretch tape or a steel ring. THERMIT SP Roll pipe insulation allows increasing endurance period of engineering structures on the whole.

Road construction

THERMIT XPS thermal insulation is successfully used in road construction, railroad beds and airport runways. Due to the thermal insulation layer in covering of roadway frost penetration and soil expansion can be avoided. It makes time expenditures, economic costs and labour inputs on constructing and repairing roads decrease.